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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Classification of natureal resources:
             People get different things from the natural environment .Some resources avilable in natural environment can be easily and directly used .For example, solarenergy ,water,fruits from plants ,etc. Some of the natural resources cannot be used  sa easily.They need to be processed.For example,oil,iron,water,etc.The chart given below shows the classification of natural resources.

1)perpetual resources:The resources which do not get exhaunsed are called perpetual natural resources.For example solar energy,water tides and wind.There should be the maximum utililization
of such  resources because this are never finished.It serve thealternative source of energy and help to minimized theuse of non-renewable resources.

2)Renewable natural resources:The resources which can be replenished and do not change the ecological balance are known as renewable natural resources.Fresh air,fresh water,fertile soil,plants and animalsare its examples.Some resources sush as plants and animals are replaced frome time to time because they an life-cycle and continus harvest is possible.Hence,they are called renewable sreources.Man should the habit of consumind in such a waythet hey can be regnerated.I protect resources frome being perished.If this resources are indiscriminately used,therecan be their extinction.

3) Non-renuwable natural resources: Resources whice once used up will be extausted are non-renewable natural resources.Once they are used in ultimited way they can be easil replace.Mineral,fossil fuels,are its examples.Non-renewable resources are in limited amount .Therefor,they should be appropriate consume of this resources.If not they can befinished and it hard to get back.There should be search of alternative sources of this generation.

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